Labour Inspections

Businesses in Spain were fined €253 million in 2007

The number of labour inspections carried out in Spain increased by 10% in 2007, and by 2008 this number is expected to be even higher due to the success of previous years. Last year, fines amounted to 253 million Euros.

All businesses are obliged to obey labour and Social Security rules: labour contracts, Social Security registrations and Occupational Risk Prevention Plan must be observed.

In 2007, the Labour and Social Security Inspection inspected 433.701 companies which resulted in 1.229.163 proceedings; 90.455 were Labour issues, 433.361 Occupational Risk Prevention, 26.630 employment and hiring staff, 60.931 immigration and work permits while 587.245 were regarding Social Security. These inspections covered the following:

  1. Inspecting temporary labour contracts and any unlawful uses of them.
  2. Checking for any illegal practices which may have been taking place in the workplace, including:

    a. Hiring foreign staff who do not have work permits
    b. Hiring staff who are not registered at the Social Security
    c. Companies that are not registered at the Social Security
    d. Employees who are still earning unemployment benefits.

  3. Preventing labour accidents: the main targets are construction companies where it is essential that they observe the necessary risk prevention procedures in their workplaces. This task also involves making sure that if an accident does take place at work it is reported to Social Security within the first 5 days.
  4. Social Security payments: Checking that all payments are made by employers to the Social Security. Additionally, that payslips are made correctly according to collective agreement, that extra hours do not exceed the limit of 80 hours per year, etc.

Rafaela García
Labour Advisor
De iure Laboral